Our Preschool Curriculum

At Premier Kids Preschool & Childcare, we believe that every child is a unique learner and we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where their individuality is celebrated. Our curriculum is the heart and soul of our educational approach designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning in your child.

  • Social Development and Mentorship Focused

  • Comprehensive and Fun

  • Utilizes Six Core Learning Centers


Core Learning Centers

Our dedicated team of educators have carefully crafted a curriculum that is both comphensive and fun. We recognize that early childhood is a time of incredible growth and exploration, which is why we've developed a program which encompasses several major leraning centers and will prepare your children for success in school.

Click on the images below for more detailed information about each of the core learning centers.

Alphabet Instruction

Learning letter names and sounds through daily crafts and activities.

Early Literacy

Children develop essential skills like phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Beginning Math Skills

Introducing math as fun and accessible, learning shapes, numbers, and counting.

Hands-on Science

Making observations through simple experiments and learning to form conclusions.

SEL & Classrom Readiness

Cultivating essential skills for school preparedness and buliding positive relationships.

Motor Skills and Arts & Crafts

Fostering both physical coordination and imaginative expression for a well-rounded experience.